CMA Action Zone


The method we teach is Yeshua's Ryu - Jesus Way.

  Mixed traditional martial arts,  MTMA,

which incorporates the following styles. Karate, Jiu Jutsu, 

Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and the five Traditional Japanese Weapons. 

Our school's founder Shinan Michael Lowery's passion

for Martial Arts runs  deep. He's been involved in the Martial Arts

world since the age of 8 and teaching for the past 25 years.

  He's dedicated his life to the pursuit of helping others develop

their passion in the field of martial arts. Shinan Michael Lowery has  

devised this system with its proven result through generations of Black  

Belts. Martial arts teaches us skills that will allow you to develop

laser-sharp focus, rock solid confidence, and unshakeable

determination that will benefit you in years to come. CMA Action Zone

is committed to providing you or your child with exemplary 

martial arts instruction. Each of our instructors at

CMA Action Zone has undergone a minimum of 480 hours of intensive

training to be qualified at the Black Belt level. In addition, 

each instructor has to complete a leadership training program.




Changing our world one Black Belt at a time!

We believe that the development of the total person, "Mind, Body, and Spirit" encompasses the true essence in developing the ultimate Black Belt Student.  Incorporating physical and mental benefits, discipline, focus, and confidence.  These are proven to accompany martial arts training coupled with the holy bible to build and define our spiritual character creates CMA Action Zones Ultimate warrior Black Belt.