Christian Martial Arts and MAAS (Martial Arts After School)

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                                                                                         CMA Martial Arts


                                                         A-Z Action Zone

                                                                                            DOJO LOCATION:

                                                                                  7830 Unit C Good Middling Rd

                                                                                           Fayetteville, NC 28304 

                                                                                    Phone number: (910) 429-2467


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                                                                                       CMA Martial Arts Action Zone

                                                                                           6105 Phillipi Church Rd

                                                                                              Raeford, NC 28376

                                                                                      Phone number: (910) 988-0897





                                                                    Changing Our World, One Black Belt at a Time!

                                                   OUR EXCELLENT PROGRAMS OFFER:

*Self Defense: Violent crime is on the rise be prepared!

*Bully Proof: An estimated three million kids miss school every day due to FEAR. Let us Teach Your Child how to Protect themselves and to become Leaders and Outstanding Role Models.

*Fitness: Martial Arts workouts are Fun and Challenging. There is always a Higher Level to aspire to. Every workout is a Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Experience!

*Personal Development: Goal Setting, Self Discipline, Confidence, Respect and Self Esteem. These are a few of the areas that are sure to Improve through Martial Arts training.


*Martial Arts for kids has a proven history of Greatly Improving your child's odds of becoming an Outstanding Leader and Productive Member of Society.  


                                                      Congratulations to our Black Belts!!

                                                 2018  Weapons Black Belts & Level 1 for 2nd Dan Weapons Black Belts  



                                                            2017 Black Belts & First Star Second Dan                                                         2016 Black Belts







                                                             2015 Black Belts                                                              2014 Black Belts







                                                      2013 Black Belts                                                      2012 Black Belts






                                   Student of the Month





                                                                      AJ Green







 MTMA (Mixed Traditional Martial Arts), a combination of Karate, Jiu-Jutsu, Kung Fu, Taekwondo and the 5 Traditional Japanese Weapons as well as the Chinese straight sword.

 We offer a free lesson to see if our studio is right for you. Please call today to schedule your free trial lesson  (910) 429-2467 

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