Christian Martial Arts and MAAS (Martial Arts After School)

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Deborah Lamb:                                                                                                                      11-5-2018

An all around amazing school. Any business that puts God at the center of all is truly where I want to be. Extremely knowledgable instructors that definitely put you through the paces. I highly reccomend and endorse this Christian Martial Arts school.   -Deborah Lamb

June Talyor:                                                                                                                           9-12-2018            

Sometimes you walk through the doors of a place and you sense that something more than special happens here. The original goal for my 8 year old was to learn self control and redirection of energy. I found that what is offered at this dojo far surpassed my goals. The leadership style of the instructors is the most honorable, leading by example, not only in the martial arts training but also in the development of integrity in the character of each student. Nothing compares to seeing the light of inspiration that shines in the eyes of these students when the flow of self confidence begins and they become Champions of each challenge set before them. The instructors, these men of principled character, draw out of these students the very best of what is already inside them and builds on it, creating leaders, creating lions of life. This is the 'more than special' that happens here. To see those who understand the wisdom in knowing they are a lion, without the constant need to prove they are a lion, these are the ones who are the rare treasures in our lives. I can think of no more worthy gift to give anyone than the opportunity to bring forth the lion inside them. It's all about the journey and I Thank You CMA for making our journey exceptional.   - June Taylor 



John Wyatt:                                                                                                                              8-9-2018

Although our family moved after 6 years of training here, we really miss this school. If your are in the Fayetteville NC area don't miss the opportunity to train here. They have great adult and kid classes. They now even have a larger training area! -John Wyatt 

Hannah Minter:                                                                                                                        6-2-2018

Awesome place to get in shape, stay physically fit and learn lots of self defense techniques as well as learning about Jesus! These instructors have dedicated their life to helping everyone who walks through the doors of the dojo at CMA! There are so many skills I have gained through my time training here. Thank you CMA for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to train with you guys!  -Hannah Minter


Vicki Jacobs:                                                                                                                          6-12-2017

My grandchildren go to this school and it is worth the money. What I love about this school the kids learn about God, respect, obedience and how to protect themselves. I have 4 grandchildren and 3 attend and the reason the other one don't is because she is 2 months old. Mr. Mike is great with children! Thank you!   -Vicki Jacobs

Indra Sunrise:                                                                                                                       10-10-2017

I took my oldest son, who is seventeen, here to look. I was impressed by the quality of instruction enough to sign him up on the spot. It's been four months, and we now have four family members enrolled. Highly recommend.  -Indra Sunrise

Joshua Campbell:                                                                                                                    8-3-2016

It's awesome! I go there and really like it!!! It is the best in Fayetteville.   -Joshua Campbell 


John Wyatt:                                                                                                                             2-15-2015

Voted best Martial Arts Instruction by Up and Coming Weekly Magazine 2012, 2013, & 2014. This is the place for children, as well as adults. high energy training with a very professional staff. Thanks for all you do!   -John Wyatt 

Jennie Wyatt:                                                                                                                          4-20-2015

Mr. Mike Lowery and all the instructors are caring and supportive. There is structure and discipline that fits the different levels. I love that there is teaching of the gospel and we say the pledge every class!   -Jennie Wyatt 

Rene Hinkel:                                                                                                                            5-16-2015

My kids have been attending Christian Martial Arts for 7 years and we love be it there. It's great knowing my kids are learning to defend themselves, get great exercise and learning discipline and respect. Thank you Michael Lowery.  -Rene Hinkel



Dave Young:                                                                                                                            5-27-2015

When providing any evaluation it helps when you have others to compare it to. I work with hundreds of Martial Arts Schools and CMA is one of the top schools in North Carolina. The location is clean, school is well organized, staff is passionate and knowledgeable, and in my humble opinion ANY school that acknowledges GOD first in anything they do is number #1 in my book. Stop by and say hi and let the staff of CMA work with you! Great job everyone!   -Dave Young 



John Smith:                                                                                                                              6-4-2015

Michael Lowery and his CMA team give life-changing martial arts instruction that can't be found anywhere else. CMA is the best martial arts instruction in Fayetteville and the Cape Fear region - and as a family that has lived all over the US, we learned it is the best available anywhere. The focus and discipline our son learned with Mr. Lowery and CMA made all the difference in his life, in the best way. The physical prowess and skill students learn is amazing to see, especially in young students, and the focus and discipline is not just physical but spiritual as well. That kind of instruction has life-long value. We can't thank Mr. Lowery and CMA enough!   -John Smith 

Krista McArtan:                                                                                                                     12-18-2014

My family has benefitted over many years from the family Dojo, the people and the training team at CMA. We love CMA!